Foundation Committees

Fundraising Committee


Donald Morris, DO


Troy Creamean, DO

Advisory Committee


Sirtaz Sibia, DO, Chair

Paul Imber, DO Otolaryngology

Robert Franchi, DO

Alvin Dubin, DO, Advisor

Douglas Stevens, Financial Advisor

Edward Scheiner, DO

John Alway, DO

Kristin Reidy, DO

Committee Responsibilities


General Information

In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Foundation, the President makes committee appointments.  The President may also create special committees to accomplish specific goals of the Foundation.  The Foundation Fundraising Committee is a standing and special committee.  The President is an ex-officio member of the Committee and is informed of the activities of the Committee on a regular basis.  The Committee meets at least one time per year, filing written minutes and a written report to the Board of Directors.

The Foundation Fundraising Committee meets before the spring and fall  meetings, filing reports that are duplicated and distributed to the Board of Directors at that time.

The Committee may provide committee members with the opportunity to participate in meetings via teleconference; however, this is not always an option.  Committee minutes are finalized within thirty (30) days of the meeting and forwarded to all committee members shortly thereafter.  Minutes of committee meetings are maintained at the AOCOO-HNS Foundation Office for use by committee chairs seeking information on committee actions.

Committee Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives were formulated for the Foundation Fundraising Committee.  The goals and objectives are distributed to the Committee chair and members upon appointment to the Committee.  The Committee is asked to review its goals and objectives on a regular basis.  The Committee may make recommendations  for changes or additions/deletions in goals and objectives to the Foundation Board of Directors.

Budgetary Responsibilities

Special projects being considered by the Committee and the proposed budget must be returned to the AOCOO-HNS Office within thirty (30) days of the Mid-Winter Meeting of the Finance Committee (deadline, January 1st).